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About COVID-19

The COVID-19 novel coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus affecting humans.

Symptoms reported in identified COVID-19 cases include:



Sore Throat


Shortness of Breath

About COVID-19 Testing

Our COVID-19 testing is conducted by experienced doctors and nurses in one of our service locations. Testing will be done at a Testing Centre with tele-health capability in Moranbah or Bowen or via a Mobile Testing Service.  

Testing will be provided free of charge to members of the general public who hold a Medicare Card and who meet the COVID-19 testing criteria set by the Queensland Government.

Our COVID-19 Testing Process


Swabs taken

Our doctor or nurse will collect samples from inside your nose and throat using swabs. They will be wearing personal protective equipment to keep you and them safe.


Swabs Tested

The samples are then sent to the nearest laboratory that can test for COVID-19. The result may take several days. 


If you feel OK, go home and stay home

After the test, if you aren’t really sick, you must stay home to self-isolate while you wait for the test results.


If you are really sick, you might need hospital

After assessment, our doctor may refer you to hospital for further treatment while you wait for the test results.


Get your result

If you test NEGATIVE for COVID-19, our doctor will let you and your GP know and discuss ongoing care.

If you test POSITIVE for COVID-19, the local public health unit will contact you to discuss ongoing care.


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